2020 Year In Review

Skip to 2021 and don’t speak of this year again… Okay, okay, if we must. 2020, a year that we all want to forget for sure. A lot of it was spent inside, at home and in the UK. Travel plans were cancelled, Euro trips cancelled, events cancelled… everything was put on hold. There was definitely no structure to this year but let’s run through it and see what I managed to get up to.

The first event, or few events at least I went to at the beginning of the year were the Classics & Cake morning meets hosted by my mate Merlin (@DukeofLondon) at his showroom in The Brentford Project. Loads of enthusiasts gather to show off their motors in the bitter morning cold but there was plenty of coffee and bacon rolls on offer to warm everyone up. This went on until about March I think and then everyone went into isolation. 

In-between meets I went into London every weekend as everything seemed a bit quiet. Honestly it was a bit of a blur, but here’s some cool cars I saw on the streets.

Then there was this very vague period of isolating inside. Other than the odd trip to get groceries I didn’t do much other than play a lot of video games however what this meant was playing a lot of Forza with my mates.  I remember before owning a camera, I was taking photos in games such as Forza and GTA and posting them on Instagram because I didn’t have anything else to do… You gotta start somewhere right? Anyway, here’s a selection of Forza photo’s because I think this is pretty much all I did for the spring months. 

June came around and my friend Joe (@supercar_sourcing) had started a small group for drive out’s called @thedrivesociety. We had a good run out to the guys at @rollsroyceessex to have a look at the new Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge. We’ve had a few other runs after that too, here’s the photo’s below.

A good friend of mine had said his brother had just bought a 812 SuperFast that I might want to see. Turns out it was the Verde Metallic one I’ve been drooling over on AutoTrader at Joe Macari. A special car for sure, definitely my favourite 812 I’ve seen so far!

My fellow McLaren colleagues organised a private drive and pizza at one of their houses, it was really cool to see what some of the guys drove and the hidden gems of the MTC car park. A few surprise guests from Topaz Detailing turned up too!

A new breakfast meet came onto my radar that was just under an hour away from my house, Bremont Stonor Supercar Sunday. Situated in Henley-On-Thames, Stonor Park is home to a 850-year-old Manor House and private grounds. Being a breakfast meet, you can never predict what turns up. Here’s some shots from various times I’ve attended! 

In July, I decided to buy a gift for myself in the form of a Sony A7R IV. I had been toying with the idea of going mirrorless for a while and with a lot of my fellow friends who are also photographers showing me the sheer detail you can pull out from the images. So I took the plunge and ordered one. Here’s a selection of shots I took the week after I got it. I went over to @prestigecarsofkent to see their Taycan Turbo S and went out with @charlie_6b to shoot the Caterham 310R after.

I ended up in London a lot as I was eager to learn my new camera and just shoot what I could find on the streets. Upgrading your camera isn’t that complicated if you’re sticking to the same brand however this leap was pretty big for me jumping from a crop sensor Canon 80D to a full-frame mirrorless Sony A7R IV. Here’s a selection of cars I found…

I even bumped into an old friend I had previously met at a JZM Porsche meet. Haythem (@h.a.y.t.h.e.m) along with his brothers own a serious collection of Porsche’s, mostly of the air-cooled variety. He was driving his one of one PTS Signal Green 993 RS Club Sport. Also in attendance was a 964 RS recreation in Mint Green (with genuine RS parts), a bunch of 993 GT’s which I’m pretty sure were all modified. I even ended up taking some photo’s of @9ine11‘s Viola metallic 964 30th Jahre Edition which was pushing 600hp at 1.5 boost later in the year too which I’ve included in this set.

The first car I shot after getting my new camera was a Bugatti Chiron thanks to Fred (@tfjj) for letting me tag along. This car belongs to Mr H (@kk0613) and Ms T (@tt0929) and is specced in exposed blue carbon with blue highlights and tan interior. 

I then ended up shooting an Audi RS5 Sportback and Aston Martin DBS Superlegerra Volante for my good friend Aaron (@babygorilla81) as he was reviewing them. Aaron is one of the best kind of car guys, an appreciation for the new but a love for the old. Someone who can spend hours talking to you about various classic Mercedes-Benzes and BMW’s but also appreciate the waft you can find in a Rolls Royce Dawn. You can read his thoughts on all the cars he’s reviewed on his site here

I then shot my friend Joe’s (@supercar_sourcing) Grigio Telesto Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4. Definitely one of my favourite colours for the Superleggera and a car I loved growing up – also looks just as good on an Murcielago LP640. 

In August, I ended up in Paris. It was peak summer so many of the locals were out of town but I still managed to see some cool cars and even attend a morning meet at Place Vauban. Even did some sight seeing in the Clio.